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The Day the Guns Stopped - Garry Gowans

Posted on November 15, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Our last meeting of 2018 was fittingly, a talk revolving around Armistice Day.

However, a different slant on this historic day was presented by Garry who illustrated the topic with a slide show.

Garry explained that the mortal statistics around this historic day were indeed higher than the average day throught the war.

Men were needlessly lost due to the arrogance of their Command, just to make the Generals 'look good' in gaining an extra piece of land.

He also explained that the date on which many had died was recorded as a day earlier on the 10th November.

A very interesting talk and thank you Garry.

Maybe the title of the talk should have been, 'The Day the Guns Should Have Stopped'.

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