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Three Talks Meeting

Posted on January 23, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Our first meeting of 2020 had the benefit of three short talks.

Talk One

Anne, from AMS Electrical gave an insight into the family business which is part of a North Somerset initiative called, 'Handyperson Services'.

AMS Electrical help anyone over 60 years old or has a disability and needs help with small repairs or odd jobs around the house.

The service costs only £15.60 an hour.

Full details can be found here:

Talk Two

Our member David gave an account of an interesting story about the children who were 'shipped' abroad during  WW2.

Being able to imagine this story such vividly was down to the way of David's presentation.

CORB (Children's Overseas Reception Board)  was the name given given to this British Government sponsored organisation.

There was an unexpected twist at the end of the story.......

Talk Three

Our member Glynn, assisted by his son, Tom, gave an interesting insight into the local Police, then and now.

Glynn, now retired from the Force, gave his recolections of his time of service. This contrasted greatly with the account that Tom gave as a serving Sergeant.

Streamlining and consolidation, along with the reduction of actual Police numbers, has done very little to enhance what was a great institution.

"Keep up the good work Tom, it is appreciated by the public you serve".

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